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New Players Welcome

Come and play cricket with the Warradale Cricket Club, and bring your mates!
  • All new players are welcome, experienced or rookies, young or old. Our club's playing group has a diverse range of abilities and ages.
  • If you live in the southern suburbs of Adelaide and would like to play cricket, then the Warradale Cricket Club is the ideal club to play for, since most of our opponents are also based south of Adelaide.
  • We play in the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association where we field 4 teams. Our home grounds and clubrooms are located in Brighton, Hove & Marion, about 13kms south-west of the Adelaide CBD.
  • Our season is a mixture of 2-day games played over consecutive Saturdays (from 1:30 to 5:30), and 1-day games (from 12:30 to 6:00 on Saturdays). Finals are played over 2 days on Saturday & Sunday (1.00 to 5.30).
  • The first match of the 2016/17 season will be begin on Saturday October 8th (the week after the holiday long weekend).
  • If you're keen to play, just turn up to practice and introduce yourself. Easy!

Ovals & Clubrooms
  • A grade and B grade home matches are played at Marymount High School Oval on the corner of King George Avenue and Wattle Avenue, Hove.
  • C grade and D grade home matches are played at Larry Collin C21 Bayside Brighton Oval (Brighton High School) on the corner of King George Avenue and Ilfracombe Avenue, North Brighton.
  • Our clubrooms are located at the Marion RSL Club, 31-39 Norfolk Road, Marion.
  • View Google Maps for Warradale Grounds & Clubrooms
  • View Google Maps for All Adelaide & Suburban Cricket Association Ovals

Cricket Practice
  • Weekday practice sessions are held Tuesday and Thursday nights from about 5:30pm to 7:30pm at Marymount High School, Hove.
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2016/17 Season Results

Up to date match results and premiership ladders for this season can be viewed at the My Cricket website for the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association:
  • Click Selected Teams to view Warradale's selected teams for the upcoming round.
  • Click Fixtures to view the complete draw for this season.
  • Click Match Results to view results for all matches played this season.
  • Click Premiership Ladders to view current premiership ladders for this season.
Once the page has loaded you can select the Season and Grade you wish to view (we have teams in Sections 3, 5, 7 & 8) and then click the Go button.

2016/17 Warradale Season Fixtures & Ovals

2016/17 Warradale Fixtures in Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association
RndDateA Grade (Section 3)B Grade (Section 5)C Grade (Section 7)D Grade (Section 8)
1Sat 8-Oct  *v South Road II
 @ Edwardstown Oval
v South Road III
 @ Marymount HS
v ICC Sharks III
 @ Brighton HS
v Plympton F V
 @ Ascot Park PS
2Sat 15-Oct  *v Hamilton
 @ Hamilton Secondary
v Belair II
 @ Marymount HS
v Plympton F IV
 @ Brighton HS
v Sheidow Park IV
 @ Happy Vallley PS
3Sat 22-Oct, 29-Octv Sheidow Park II
 @ Marymount HS
v St George
 @ Urrbrae HS
v Kenilworth II
 @ Kenilworth 2 Oval
v Cove III
 @ Brighton HS
4Sat 5-Nov, 12-Novv Coro Ramblers II
 @ Marymount HS
v Morphettville Pk III
 @ Seaview HS
v Southern II
 @ Serpentine Reserve
v Morphettville Pk IV
 @ Brighton HS
5Sat 19-Nov, 26-Novv North Haven II
 @ Largs North Nth Ovl
v North Haven III
 @ Marymount HS
v Port Noarlunga III
 @ Brighton HS
v North Haven IV
 @ Largs North Sth Ovl
6Sat 3-Dec, 10-Decv Morphettville Pk II
 @ Denham Reserve
v Mitchell Park II
 @ Marymount HS
v Mitchell Park IV
 @ Brighton HS
v Coro Ramblers IV
 @ Weymouth Oval
7Sat 17-Dec  *v Keswick II
 @ Marymount HS
v Keswick III
 @ Seaview Downs PS
v South Park
 @ Kenilworth 1 Oval
v Coromandel III
 @ Brighton HS
8Sat 7-Jan  *v North Haven II
 @ Marymount HS
v North Haven III
 @ Largs North Sth Ovl
v Port Noarlunga III
 @ Seaford K7 School
v North Haven IV
 @ Brighton HS
9Sat 14-Jan  *v Coro Ramblers II
 @ Hawthorndene Oval
v Morphettville Pk III
 @ Marymount HS
v Southern II
 @ Brighton HS
v Morphettville Pk IV
 @ Seaview HS
10Sat 21-Jan  *v Sheidow Park II
 @ Sheidow Park PS
v St George
 @ Marymount HS
v Kenilworth II
 @ Brighton HS
v Cove III
 @ Hallett Cove Sth PS
11Sat 28-Jan, 4-Febv Hamilton
 @ Marymount HS
v Belair II
 @ Gums Oval
v Plympton F IV
 @ Marion PS
v Sheidow Park IV
 @ Brighton HS
12Sat 11-Feb, 18-Febv South Road II
 @ Marymount HS
v South Road III
 @ Pasadena HS
v ICC Sharks III
 @ Wirreanda HS
v Plympton F V
 @ Brighton HS
13Sat 25-Feb, 4-Marv Keswick II
 @ Saratoga Oval
v Keswick III
 @ Marymount HS
v South Park
 @ Brighton HS
v Coromandel III
 @ Blackwood Hill Oval
14Sat 11-Mar  *v Morphettville Pk II
 @ Marymount HS
v Mitchell Park II
 @ Mitchell Park
v Mitchell Park IV
 @ Craigburn PS
v Coro Ramblers IV
 @ Brighton HS
S/FSat & Sun (1:00 PM)
18 & 19 Mar
v North Haven II
 @ Marymount HS
v Belair II
 @ Brighton HS
v South Park
 @ Kenilworth 1 Oval
G/FSat & Sun (1:00 PM)
25 & 26 Mar
v Hamilton
 @ Marymount HS
v Mitchell Park II
 @ Mitchell Park
v Plympton F IV
 @ Marion PS
(Last Updated: 25-Sep-2016)
Starting Times:
  • 1-day games* start at 12.30pm each Saturday.
  • 2-day games during the minor round start at 1:30pm each Saturday.
  • Finals start at 1:00pm and are played on both Saturday and Sunday.
NOTE: The Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association has an excessive heat policy stating that ...
"play will be abandoned on any day where the maximum temperature forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology at 9am, for the Adelaide City region, is 40 degrees or higher"
ASCA website SACA website Cricket Australia website Cricinfo Australia website Cricinfo Australia News feed Cricinfo Live Scores
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Proposed Future Australian Test Series

SeasonHome  Away
2019MarPakistan v Australia (3)
2018/19JanAustralia v Sri Lanka (2)
Nov to JanAustralia v India (4)
2018Jul ?Zimbabwe v Australia (2)
01Mar to 03AprSouth Africa v Australia (4)
2017/1823Nov to 07JanAustralia v England (5)
2017Aug ?Bangladesh v Australia (2)
ICC Test Championship Table Predictor
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Recent Australian Test Series

SeasonHome  Away
2017India 2, Australia 1 (4)
2016/17Australia 3, Pakistan 0 (3)
South Africa 2, Australia 1 (3)
2016Sri Lanka 3, Australia 0 (3)
Australia 2, New Zealand 0 (2)
2015/16Australia 2, New Zealand 0 (3)
Australia 2, West Indies 0 (3)
2015England 3, Australia 2 (5)
Australia 2, West Indies 0 (2)
2014/15Australia 2, India 0 (4)
2014Pakistan 2, Australia 0 (2)
Australia 2, South Africa 1 (3)
2013/14Australia 5, England 0 (5)
2013England 3, Australia 0 (5)
India 4, Australia 0 (4)
2012/13Australia 3, Sri Lanka 0 (3)
South Africa 1, Australia 0 (3)
2012Australia 2, West Indies 0 (3)
2011/12Australia 4, India 0 (4)
Australia 1, New Zealand 1 (2)
2011Australia 1, South Africa 1 (2)
Australia 1, Sri Lanka 0 (3)
2010/11England 3, Australia 1 (5)
2010India 2, Australia 0 (2)
Australia 1, Pakistan 1 (2)
Australia 2, New Zealand 0 (2)
2009/10Australia 3, Pakistan 0 (3)
Australia 2, West Indies 0 (3)
2009England 2, Australia 1 (5)
Australia 2, South Africa 1 (3)
2008/09South Africa 2, Australia 1 (3)
Australia 2, New Zealand 0 (2)
2008India 2, Australia 0 (4)
Australia 2, West Indies 0 (3)
2007/08Australia 2, India 1 (4)
2007Australia 2, Sri Lanka 0 (2)
2006/07Australia 5, England 0 (5)
2006Australia 2, Bangladesh 0 (2)
Australia 3, South Africa 0 (3)
2005/06Australia 2, South Africa 0 (3)
Australia 3, West Indies 0 (3)
Australia 1, ICC World XI 0 (1)
Results for All Australian Test Series

Cricket Videos from YouTube and Cricket Australia TV

Miscellaneous:Not Cricket, but ...
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Scott Sterling's Volleyball Highlights(3.30)
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John Howard's Over (0:29)

2014 v SA: 3rd Test Highlights (3:16)
Clarke's ton of courage (2:35)
2nd Test Highlights (2:26)
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2013/14 Ashes: Summer Highlights (5:21)
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3rd Test Highlights (9:53)
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2012/13 v SA: Clarke's 230 at Adelaide (4:18)
Clarke's 250 at Gabba (3:44)
2011/12 v India: Ponting's double ton (4:27)
Warner's 69 ball hundred (3:21)
Michael Clarke's 329no (5:58)
2010/11 Ashes: Siddle's Hat-trick (9:33)
2010 T20 World Cup Mike Hussey's Onlaught (1:13)
2007 World Cup: Gilchrist 149 in Final (4:04)
2006/07 Ashes: Warne's 700th Wicket (8:53)
Adam Gilchrit's 57 Ball Hundred (10:59)
Amazing Adelaide (14:22)
2005 Ashes: 3 Run Loss at Edgbaston (11:47)
2003 World Cup: Ponting 140* in Final (7:03)
Bichel 7/20 v England (1:31)
2002/03 Ashes: Steve Waugh's Last Ball Century at SCG (12:53)
2001 Ashes: Steve Waugh's Ton of Pain (11:08)
1999 World Cup: Australia v South Africa Tie (13:38)
Steve Waugh 120* v South Africa (7:32)
McGrath 5/14 v West Indies (5:16)
1993 Ashes: The Ball of The Century (10:07)
1989 Ashes: Taylor and Marsh Bat Through Day (11:48)
1981 Ashes: Botham's 5-for at Edgbaston (8:26)
Botham's 149no at Headingly (11:49)
1972 Ashes: Massie at Lords (10:06)

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Trophy Night and AGM - Saturday, May 6, 2017 - 7pm

The 2016/17 Warradale Cricket Club AGM and Trophy Night will be held at the Morphett Arms Hotel on Saturday, 6th May 2017. The AGM will kick off at 7pm sharp, with trophy night to follow at around 7.30pm.

All club past and current members, sponsors, partners family and friends are welcome to attend. Cost is $25 per head - includes food platters served throughout the evening, drink specials over the bar....

Come celebrate what's been a stand out year for the club winning 3 premierships....

Grand Finals, March 25th & 26th, 2017

3 PREMIERSHIPS WON!!!!! -- only the second time in the 118 year history of the association that one club has won three premierships in the same season.

A Grade: def Hamilton@ Marymount HS
B Grade:def Mitchell Park@ Mitchell Park Reserve
C Grade: def Plympton@ Marion Primary
View Selected Teams on MyCricket website.
View Latest Match Results on MyCricket website.
(Last Updated: 28-Mar-2017)

Warradale Player Statistics for 2016/17 Season

Here are the final player stats for the full 2016/17 season: 

A Grade (pdf,137kb) B Grade (pdf,135kb) C Grade (pdf,135kb) D Grade (pdf,136kb)

(Last Updated: 06-Apr-2016)

Medal Night - Saturday, 11th March 2017 - 7.30pm

Our Best Team Man Medal count will be held on Saturday March 11, back at the Marion RSL, Norfolk Avenue. This is always a fun night, so all players, partners, supporters & sponsors are encouraged to attend.

Official festivities will kick off at 7.30pm (although the bar will be open well before then), and will include a BBQ, match reports & awards from this round, the member's draw ($90 jackpot), and then straight into the medal counts for each grade.

Congratulations to this season's medal winners:

A Grade: Josh Deniet (129 votes)
B Grade:Ash Marshall  (95 votes)
C Grade: Angelo Pansini  (109 votes)
D Grade: Gary Wilson (127 votes)

Barefoot Bowls Day - Sunday 12th February, 2016, 11am

This year's 50 Club Show & Barefoot Bowls Day is at Marion RSL Bowls Club (31-39 Norfolk Road, Marion) on Sunday, February 12, 2017 and begins at 11am. Details are as follows:

  • $50 per Ticket
  • 50 Club Raffle - Last Man Standing Raffle Draw - $500 First Prize
  • BBQ Lunch
  • 3 hours free drinks (12 to 3pm) - including Beer, Wine, Bubbles & Softies
  • $5 Bowls Pairs mini-tournament - with cash prize (bowls will be provided)
(Last Updated: 05-Feb-2017)

Warradale Player Statistics to Xmas for 2016/17 Season

Here are the player stats up to round 7 for the 2016/17 season: 

A Grade (pdf,136kb) B Grade (pdf,134kb) C Grade (pdf,133kb) D Grade (pdf,133kb) Combined Grades (pdf,148kb)

(Last Updated: 28-Dec-2016)

Player Milestones Achieved in 2016/17 Season

MilestonePlayerRound Achieved
200 GamesDave Palmerround 1, 2016/17 
200 GamesRichie Deyround 7, 2016/17
150 GamesAndrew Tonkinround 2, 2016/17
100 GamesJosh Denietround 6, 2016/17
100 GamesBraedon Tonkinround 11, 2016/17
 50 GamesJustin Frostround 5, 2016/17
1000 RunsHaimish Fergusonround 3, 2016/17  (38 matches)
1000 RunsAnton BalymGrand Final, 2016/17  (39 matches)
400 WicketsAsh Marshallround 4, 2016/17 (231 matches)
100 WicketsJosh Denietround 3, 2016/17  (97 matches)
  50 Wickets Dale Brusnahanround 3, 2016/17  (28 matches)
100 CatchesDave Palmerround 3, 2016/17  (202 matches)
100 CatchesAsh Marshallround 4, 2016/17  (231 matches)
50 WK DismissalsGreg Marksround 7, 2016/17  (76 matches,43 games kept)
Anton Balymround 10, 2016/17  (33 matches,32 games kept)
(Last Updated: 29-Mar-2017)

Other Player Milestones Approaching in 2016/17 Season


MilestonePlayerGames at
start of season
200 GamesPhil Davidson 198  (14th)
 50 GamesJacob Matthews  39  (95th)
Angelo Pansini 36  (108th)
Haimish Ferguson 35  (110th)


MilestonePlayerRuns at
start of season
2000 RunsPaul Fuller 1939  (34th)
1000 RunsScott Monaghan 649  (82nd)
Gary Wilson 507  (96th)


MilestonePlayerWickets at
start of season
150 WicketsRon Scott124  (27th)
100 WicketsRobiul Islam 82  (38th)
50 WicketsBen Arman 38  (75th)
Scott Monaghan 33  (84th)
Lachlan Ferguson 29  (94th)
Jack Cornelissen 28  (95th)


MilestonePlayer Catches at
start of season
50 CatchesKristian Schultz48  (29th)
Dom Gibbie45  (32nd)

(Last Updated: 05-Feb-2017)

2016/17 Pre-Season News

Mid-Week Training -- Tuesday & Thursday nights -- 5.30pm

Training begins at about 5.30pm on Tuesday & Thusrday nights at Marymount Oval, Hove. The clubrooms at Marion RSL will now be open on Thursday nights after training for drinks and selection.

Player Subs

Subs for this year are $180 for the season if paid by First Match, or, $200 for the season if paid before Xmas, or, $220 for the season if paid after Xmas, or, $20 per match for part-timers. See below for payment details.

First Match -- Saturday, 8-Oct-2016 -- 12.30pm start
A Grade: v South Road@ Edwardstown OvalCaptain: Josh Deniet
B Grade:v South Road@ Marymount HSCaptain: Richie Dey
C Grade: v ICC Sharks@ Brighton HSCaptain: Brett Bryson
D Grade: v Plympton@ Ascot Park PSCaptain: Jason Conroy

Clubrooms at Marion RSL

Our clubrooms this season will again be at the Marion RSL Bowling Club, 31-39 Norfolk Road, Marion.
Get back to the the Marion RSL Club on Saturday nights after matches for award presentations and a few drinks. Meals will be available at the club from about 6:30pm on each presentation night (after one-day games and the 2nd day of two day games).

Also, this year the club will be open on Thursday nights after training for selection.

New Competition Format

This season will see each of our teams play 7 one-day games and 7 two-day games, beginning with a one-dayer on October 8. To faciltate this the association will be divided into 9 divisions of 8 teams each, so all of our teams will be going down a div or two.
Also, for the first time in a long time we will hopefully be fielding a junior team. See the separate news item below for further details.

Brighton High School Oval Renamed

Brighton High School Oval has been renamed Larry Collin C21 Bayside Brighton Oval.

(Last Updated: 7-Oct-2016)

Warradale Cricket Club Junior Development

For the 2016/17 cricket season, we will be introducing a Junior cricket pathway to facilitate the continued success and longevity of the club. Club legend Bill Burnett has taken on the role of Junior Coordinator and will provide coaching and direction for all interested participants, both boys and girls.

Three programs will be offerred:
  • MILO in2Cricket for 5 to 8 year olds - on Saturday mornings, 9am-10am - starting 05-Nov (cost $120)
  • MILO T20 Blast for 8 to 12 year olds - on Monday Nights, 6pm-7.30pm - starting 31-Oct (cost $99)
  • A Team in the South Central Junior Cricket Association Under-12 competition - matches will be played on Sunday mornings, from 8:30am, with Warradale's home games to be played at Marymount College.
    The squad will be required to train one night per week on Thursday night (prior to the Senior players). The first training session will be Thursday 15th September, 4pm to 5pm, at Marymount Oval.
    Anyone interested in assisting Bill in roles of Team Managers etc. please contact him to discuss.
For further details read View Junior Cricket Details or contact Bill Burnett (0422 155 180).
(Last Updated: 13-Sep-2016)

Warradale Player Subs for 2016/17 Season

Player Subs for 2016/17 Season are ...

$180-- for season, if paid by FIRST MATCH, or,
$200-- for season, if paid BEFORE XMAS, or,
$220-- for season, if paid AFTER XMAS, or,
$20/match-- for fill-in players who don't play the full season
FREE-- for fill-in players who only play 1 or 2 matches
NOTE: Club Life Members receive a 50% discount on all subs

Subs can be paid as follows ...
By cash or cheque to:
Dom Gibbie (Treasurer)-- on Thursday nights at training at Marymount, or, at the Marion RSL afterwards.
By Electronic Funds Transfer to:
Bank Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Account No.1000 1754
Account NameWarradale Cricket Club Incorporated
Reference Name of the Player
(Last Updated: 05-Oct-2016)


Trophy Night and AGM - Saturday, May 7, 2016 - 7pm

The 2015/16 Warradale Cricket Club Trophy Night will be held at the Morphett Arms Hotel, in the Saloon Bar (off the middle beer garden, out back) on Saturday, 7th May 2016.

Cost is $30 per person and includes Finger food and Drink Specials.

The Annual General Meeting will be held at 7pm, and when business is concluded will be immediately followed by Trophy Night.

Medal Night - Saturday, 5th March 2016

Our "Magarey Medal" count will be held on Saturday March 5, back at the Marion RSL, Norfolk Avenue as this is the last minor round game. This is always a fun night, so all players, partners, supporters & sponsors are encouraged to attend.

Official festivities will kick off at 7.30pm sharp (although the bar will be open well before then), and will include match reports & awards from the last couple of rounds, a special presentation for Sarge's 200th game, and then straight into the medal counts.

For those new to the club, we will be counting the votes for the Warradale Team Player of the Year in each grade - these are the votes that the players give at the end of each match during the minor round.

For those looking for a bite to eat on the night, we will be ordering pizza's from Pat's Pizza (a Club Sponsor).

Congratulations to this season's medal winners:

A Grade: Andy Belsak (118 votes)
B Grade:Gary Wilson  (81 votes)
C Grade: Angelo Pansini  (88 votes)
D Grade: Jack Cornelissen (126 votes)

Player Milestones Achieved in 2015/16 Season

MilestonePlayerRound Achieved
350 GamesPeter Hughesround 9, 2015/16 
250 GamesGrant Craigieround 6, 2015/16 
200 GamesKristian Schultz round 11, 2015/16 
150 GamesNoel Browne round 7, 2015/16 
100 GamesAnthony Green round 7, 2015/16 
 50 GamesNic Russell round 11, 2015/16
7000 RunsPeter Hughessemi-final, 2015/16  (353 matches)
5000 RunsGrant Craigieround 4, 2015/16  (248 matches)
4000 RunsKristian Schultz round 7, 2015/16  (196 matches)
3000 RunsPaul Temby round 2, 2015/16  (160 matches)
3000 RunsRichie Dey round 7, 2015/16  (188 matches)
2000 RunsJason Conroy round 2, 2015/16  (170 matches)
2000 RunsAndrew Tonkin round 5, 2015/16  (143 matches)
1000 RunsJosh Denietround 5, 2015/16   (88 matches)
1000 RunsAngelo Pansiniround 9, 2015/16   (33 matches)
550 WicketsAnthony Wilkinround 3, 2015/16  (267 matches)
100 Wickets Anthony Greenround 1, 2015/16   (95 matches)
  50 Wickets Kristian Schultzround 2, 2015/16  (191 matches)
  50 Wickets Brett Brysonround 8, 2015/16   (29 matches)
  50 Wickets Angelo Pansiniround 9, 2015/16   (33 matches)
100 Catches Jason Conroyround 1, 2015/16  (169 matches)
(Last Updated: 03-May-2016)

50 Club Show - Sunday 7th February, 2016

club show
(Last Updated: 14-Jan-2016)

T20 Competitions in 2015/16 Season

In addition to the regular Saturday competition, the club was involved in the following Sunday T20 competitions:

ASCA T20 Knockout Competition - Eliminated Semi Final
Semi-Final: Sunday, 13th Dec 2015 at William Light School - Glenelg ANA 4-157 (20) d. Warradale 10-141 (19.1)
Jacob Matthews 3/11, Marc Schmiauke 34, James Barley 32, Nick Boden 20, Jacob Matthews 20no
Quarter-Final: Sunday, 15th Nov 2015 at William Light School - Keswick 6-160 (20) d. Warradale 10-78 (13.1)
--> But Keswick were disqualified by virtue of playing an unregistered player.
Angelo Pansini 2/12, Christian Brooker 2/16, Marc Schmiauke 29, Anton Balym 15no

Round 1: Sunday, 25th Oct 2015 at Mitchell Park - Warradale 5-145 (18.1) d. Coro Ramblers 7-141 (20)
Marc Schmiauke 2/10, Lachlan Ferguson 2/26, Andrew Belsak 59no, Kristian Schultz 24

South Australia Metropolitan Cricket Association T20 Cup - Eliminated Round 2
Round 2: Sunday, 1st Nov 2015, 3.30pm at Morphett Vale - Keswick 6-140 (20) d. Warradale 10-86 (13.4)
Andrew Belsak 2/12, Andrew Belsak 30
Round 1: Sunday, 1st Nov 2015, 9.30am at Morphett Vale - Warradale 4-126 (18.4) d. Coromandel 5-124 (20)
Rowan Williams 3/14, Marc Schmiauke 2/17, Marc Schmiauke 50, Daniel Woods 33, Lachlan Ferguson 15no

(Last Updated: 07-Jan-2016)

Not Cricket, But ...

In the news today ...
Stephen Dank is 'going after' the AFL

charging sheep
(Last Updated: 27-Jun-2015)


Trophy Night and AGM - Saturday, May 16, 2015 - 7pm

The 2014/15 Warradale Cricket Club Trophy Night will be held at the Morphett Arms Hotel, in the Saloon Bar (off the middle beer garden, out back) on Saturday, 16th May 2015.

Cost is $25 per person and includes Cocktail Food and Drink Specials.

The Annual General Meeting will be held at 7pm, and when business is concluded will be immediately followed by Trophy Night.

Player Milestones Achieved in 2014/15 Season

MilestonePlayerRound Achieved
250 GamesAndrew Conleyround 7, 2014/15
150 GamesPaul Tembyround 4, 2014/15
100 GamesPhil Monahanround 1, 2014/15
50 GamesPaul Flamankround 4, 2014/15
2000 RunsPhil Monahan round 2, 2014/15 (101 matches)
Wes Lipsett round 6, 2014/15  (62 matches)
1000 RunsAnthony Green round 5, 2014/15  (88 matches)
Nick Russell round 10, 2014/15  (45 matches)
350 Wickets Ash Marshallround 3, 2014/15 (205 matches)
150 Wickets Andrew Tonkinround 1, 2014/15 (128 matches)
100 Wickets Rowan Williamsround 4, 2014/15  (57 matches)
50 Wickets Robiul Islamround 3, 2014/15  (22 matches)
Jacob Matthewsround 7, 2014/15  (26 matches)
Chad Truscottround 11, 2014/15  (28 matches)
(Last Updated: 11-May-2015)

A, B & D Grade are in the Finals - Come along and support us!

Come out and support our teams in their semi-finals this weekend. Play begins at 1:00pm on both Saturday and Sunday, 14th/15th March.

  • The A grade are playing at Marymount Oval against Morphett Vale - BBQ and drinks will be available at the ground.
  • The B grade are playing at Brighton High against Hamilton.
  • The D grade are playing at Ascot Park Primary against Mitchell Park.

(Last Updated: 11-Mar-2015)

35th Year Dinner and 4-in-a-Row 20th Reunion - Saturday, 14th February 2015 (Valentines Day)

The Warradale Cricket Club will be holding a dinner to celebrate our 35th Year and the 20th anniversary of our four division 1 premierships in a row at the Glenelg Football Club function centre, on Saturday 14th February (Valentine's Day), starting at 7pm.

  • Formal Dress
  • $60 per head for 3 course dinner
  • Optional $40 per head for 4 hour drinks package
  • Live Entertainment, raffles and more

Bookings Essential
RSVP to Tracy Tozer on 0422 599 634 by 1st February

50 Club Show and Barefoot Bowls Day - Sunday, 18th January 2015

This season's "50 Club" show will incorporate a barefoot bowls day and will be held at the Marion RSL Bowls Club, 31-39 Norfolk Road, Marion on Sunday 18th January, 12pm to 4pm.

50 Club
Tickets for the raffle are $50 each and can be purchased on the day.
A ticket will get you: BBQ Lunch - Free Drinks for 2 hours - Chance to win first prize of $500 Cash.

Bowls Tournament
$5 pairs mini tournament - with cash prize for winners (bowls will be provided).

RSVP to Jason Conroy on 0437 367 179 by 10th January

T20 Competitions in 2014/15 Season

In addition to the regular Saturday competition, the club was involved in the following Sunday T20 events:

ASCA T20 Knockout Competition - Eliminated Round 2
Round 2: Sunday, 16th Nov 2014, 3:30pm at Morphett Vale CC - Warradale lost to Keswick
Ang Pansini 4/17 & 53, Robi Islam 2/20
Round 1: Sunday, 19th Oct 2014, 12:15pm at Marymount High School - Warradale defeated Morphett Vale
Ang Pansini 4/22, Nick Boden 52, Kristian Schultz 30no, Anton Balym 25 & 3 stumpings
South Australia Metropolitan Cricket Association T20 Cup - Eliminated Round 1
Round 1: Sunday, 2nd Nov 2014, 9.30am at Morphett Vale Cricket Ground - Warradale lost to ICC Sharks
Alas, as we have now been eliminated from this competition, the dream of watching John Smith score a century in the Grand Final on Adelaide Oval is now over.

(Last Updated: 18-Nov-2014)


Annual General Meeting - Friday, 25th July 2014 - 7:30PM

Brighton Lacrosse Club - BAR WILL BE OPEN!!

The 2014 Warradale Cricket Club Annual General Meeting will be held on July 25th at 7:30pm at the Brighton Lacrosse Club.
All current committee positions will be vacated and re-elected on the night and we are desperately seeking new members to join the management committee. We will also be looking at formalising a social committee to plan and run a couple of events throughout the year (not every 2nd week).

So anyone interested, please come on board.... If you wish to assist in some shape or form for the upcoming season and are not able to attend the AGM - email Greeny and let him know in advance so you can still be nominated on the night for election.... every bit helps no matter how much time you can commit....
See You There.

(Last Updated: 25-Jun-2014)

Trophy Night - Saturday, May 17, 2014

The 2013/14 Warradale Cricket Club Trophy Night will be held at the

Morphett Arms Hotel, in the Saloon Bar at 7pm, on Saturday, 17th May 2014.

Cost is $25 per person - includes finger food - Drink Specials All Night.

Congratulations to ...

Cricketer of the Year Winner:
Angelo Pansini
New Life Members Inducted:Brian Conroy Jason Conroy

Ashes Highlights

For those of you who are suffering withdrawal symptoms now that the Ashes anhilation has been completed, here is a link to a YouTube video of all 100 England Wickets. Now I know that these are supposed to be highlights, but it seems to me that wickets did actually fall this quickly in some instances.

And here are links to a couple of songs from Denis Carnahan, one about Mitchell Johnson's Mo,
and another about England's worldwide selection policy. Very Funny!

(Last Updated: 21-Jan-2014)

Player Milestones Achieved in 2013/14 Season

MilestonePlayerRound Achieved
300 GamesJohn Smithround 5, 2013/14
250 GamesJoel Wilkin
Dom Gibbie
round 8, 2013/14
round 11, 2013/14
200 GamesAsh Marshallround 9, 2013/14 (blinder!)
150 GamesCraig Huckstepp
Jason Conroy
round 3, 2013/14
round 4, 2013/14
50 GamesWes Lipsett
Duncan Shearer
Greg Marks
Rowan Williams
round 4, 2013/14
round 4, 2013/14
round 9, 2013/14 (blinder!)
round 9, 2013/14 (blinder!)
400 Wickets John Smithround 7, 2013/14
7000 RunsAndrew Conley round 10, 2013/14
4000 RunsPhil Davidsonround 11, 2013/14
50 WK DismissalsPaul Flamankround 2, 2013/14
(Last Updated: 14-Mar-2014)

Medal Night - Saturday, 8th March 2014

Our "Magarey Medal" count will be held on Saturday March 8, back at the Brighton Lacrosse Club after the the last minor round game.
Festivities kick off at about 7pm, but the club will be open from about 6pm, as usual.

We will be counting the votes for the Warradale Team Player of the Year in each grade. These are the votes that the players give at the end of each match during the minor round.
In addition we will be celebrating Dom Gibbie's 250th game, so come along and have a good time!

Meals will be provided - $5/head, Gourmet BBQ.

Congratulations to the winners
of the A Grade Coombe Medal, the B Grade Boof Conroy Medal, the C Grade Youngster Medal, and the D Grade Nooge Medal for 2013/14:

A Grade: Robi Islam (115 votes)
B Grade:Andrew Conley (102 votes)
C Grade: Jason Ferguson (154 votes)
D Grade: Joel Wilkin (87 votes)

Warradale Cricket Club - 50 Club Show - Sunday, 16th February 2014

This season's "50 Club" show will be held at the Brighton Lacrosse Club, Highett Avenue, Hove
on Sunday 16th February, 12pm to 6pm.

Lots of Fun - Free Drinks - Chance to Win $1000 Cash

Tickets are $50 each and are limited to a maximum of 100 tickets.
Each ticket includes:
  • BBQ buffet lunch & salads
  • Free drinks from 1pm to 4pm (soft drinks, beer & wine) - drinks are available at cheap prices outside of these hours.
  • A number in the prize draw - all numbers are drawn from the barrel and the last number drawn wins First Prize.
    1st prize - $1000
    2nd prize - $300
    3rd prize - $200

    and various other prizes along the way at regular draw intervals.

Friends and family are all welcome - kids under 18 $5 each - to cover their lunch & soft drinks. Even if you can't attend, you can still buy a ticket to be a chance of winning the $1000 first prize.

Tickets are now available for purchase at the club on Saturday nights, or if you can't make it back there, ticket equiries can be made via email at 50 club enquiry.
Your ticket number will be your number in the draw, so buy your ticket ASAP to get the number you want - first in, first serve!!

Naturally there will also be other fun and activities during the day, including the prestigious "Golden Boot" Sprint Classic. Spread the word and lets get a great turn out for what is always a great day out!!

Congratulations to ...
Brian "Beefy" Mildren on Winning the $1000 First Prize

Quiz Night / John Smith's 300th Birthday Game

Saturday 30th November, at Brighton Lacrosse Club, Highet Avenue, Hove

7pm: 300th Game celebrations
8pm: Quiz Night commences

Quiz Night - $10 per Head - Tables of 8 - Cash & Prizes are up for grabs

  • A light meal will be available from 6:30 pm
  • Please bring nibbles/supper for your table
  • Drinks available at the bar
  • Contact Jill 0418920706 or Greeny 0419804607 to pre-book a table!

Welcome to the 2013/14 Season


Sunday morning practice sessions wiil begin on Sunday 1st September at 10am at Marymount.

A Working Bee is currently scheduled for the third Sunday practice session on 15th September at Marymount to help prepare the ground for the coming season. We would like as many people there as possible to help with this.


A Grade Captain:Dave Palmer
B Grade Captain:Andrew Conley
C Grade Captain:Jason Conroy
D Grade Captain:Andrew Tonkin


Anthony Green
(Last Updated: 29-Aug-2013)


Annual General Meeting - Friday, 19th July 2013

Due to the Brighton Lacrosse Club being unavailable on the night, the 2013/14 Warradale Cricket Club AGM will now be held at

the Conroy residence - 616 Morphett Road, Seaview Downs, 5049
at 7pm on Friday, 19th July 2013

$2 beers will be available on the night - BYO anything else you need.
There is a large outdoor covered area but dress warm if it is cold!!

This year's meeting is early for various reasons:
  • Election of committee - We want to get the 2013/2014 committee organised early so we can plan for next season. We need keen people to help run the club so put your hand up!
  • Possible ‘D’ Grade - We have some new players coming to our club and may be able to field a 4th side again, this will be discussed at the meeting.
  • Equipment, Upgrade of grounds/facilities - We want ideas and discussion on what is needed and where the committee should focus their efforts. We may seek external grants and want to ensure we have the correct priorities for expenditure.
If you are not attending the meeting please indicate your playing intention for next year when you RSVP, e.g. will you be playing full time, can only play some games, not playing, fill-in etc.
This is extremely important for determining the viability of a 4th side – the last thing we want is players sitting out because we don’t have enough teams registered! We have recruitment flyers available – so if you have any interested friends or family, encourage them to come to Warradale!!
Please RSVP to Jill Conroy by Friday 12th July, regardless of whether you are attending or not on 0418 920 706, or email jconroy37@dodo.com.au

Trophy Night - Saturday, 18th May 2013

The 2012/13 Warradale Cricket Club Trophy Night was held at the

Warradale Hotel, at 7pm for a 7.30pm start, on Saturday, 18th May 2013.

Cost - $30 per person - includes cocktail food. Held in Private room with full bar available.
Partners welcome - Yearbooks available on the night for $5.

Cricketer of the Year Winner:
Kristian Schultz
New Life Members Inducted:Mike Sheehan Ashley Marshall

Warradale Player Milestones Achieved in 2012/13 Season

MilestonePlayerRound Achieved
50 GamesJosh Deniet(round 1, 2012/13)
4000 RunsJohn Smith(round 10, 2012/13)
3000 RunsDave Palmer(round 9, 2012/13)
500 WicketsJoel Wilkin(round 2, 2012/13)
300 WicketsAsh Marshall(round 1, 2012/13)
100 WK DismissalsKristian Schultz(round 5, 2012/13)

Medal Night - Saturday, 2nd March 2013

Counting for the Warradale Team Player of the Year medals was held at the Brighton Lacrosse Club after our last minor round match on Saturday, 2nd March. The winners of the A Grade Coombe Medal, the B Grade Boof Conroy Medal and the C Grade Youngster Medal for 2012/13 were:
A Grade: Rowan Williams (119 votes)
B Grade:Ashley Marshall (81 votes)
C Grade: Chad Truscott (118 votes)

50 Club - Sunday, 17th February 2013

This season's "50 Club" show was held at the Brighton Lacrosse Club, Highett Avenue, Hove on Sunday 17th February.
Tickets are limited to 100, cost $50 and include:
  • BBQ Lunch
  • Free drinks from 1pm to 4pm
  • A number in the prize draw (All numbers are drawn from the barrel and the last number drawn wins First Prize).
    1st prize - $1000
    2nd prize - $300
    3rd prize - $200

Congratulations to Glen Revell on winning the $1000 First Prize in the draw!

Quiz Night - Saturday, 24th November 2012

When & Where:Saturday 24th November @ Brighton Lacrosse Club. winners of quiz night
How & Why:8 rounds of 8 questions to raise money for your club.
Tables:Between 5 and 10 people per table.
Prizes:Chance to win $300 1st prize, total prize pool $500.
Cost:$10 per person.

The Winners:
A great night had by all.

"Table Four" collected the $300 first prize.
Phil Moanahan.